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What Kind Of Reporting Features Do You Need In a Mobile Monitoring App?

What Kind Of Reporting Features Do You Need In a Mobile Monitoring App?

When you are buying a mobile spy app, you will certainly be considering the features it offers with respect to monitoring the phone. While that is most certainly necessary, you must also take a look at the reporting capabilities of the app. After all, no matter how good the monitoring capabilities are, you will not be able to use them if the software does not give you any good reports. As such, make sure that the software has the following reporting features.

Keyword Alerts

As the name suggests, this feature will provide you with alerts every time a specific word is typed into device, no matter where. You can define what these words will be and the app will send you the alerts.

Searchable Reports

The reports provided by the software should be searchable. In other words, you should have no problems in finding the report that you need. You must have the ability to search by the date, the time and the user among other options.

Reports Email

The mobile spy software should be good enough to provide the reports by means of emails. This can save a lot of effort on your part as you will not have to open up the designated site every time the software generates the report. Moreover, you will be able to view the emails everywhere.

The Ease

When it comes to reporting, the software should be able to provide you with all the details that it has tracked in a format that is easy to understand. The reports must also be easily accessible. This simplifies the process by which you monitor the phone.

As you can see, you should not forget about the reporting capabilities when searching for software. After all, they are important enough to affect your experience with the software.